dinsdag 19 juni 2012

Vibrant wings of delicate lace.

Hi darlings!

Again, sorry for not posting for such a long time, but now, findally, school has ended which means I've got HOLIDAY, which means, I can have a social life again! :)
So this summer I'm really going to post a lot and really work on my blog so it is going to be great again because now, well, it's just aweful! :S But that's gonna change!
Today I had my last test, which was geography. It didn't go as well as I hoped but who cares, it's holiday now and I'm going to pass to next year anyway!

Probably you've already noticed that I use a lot of comma's in my talking, like this, and, well, now, I'm, doing, it, on, purpose! Haha, it is really bad that I use them an awful lot of times but I can't help it! I also use a lot of exclamation marks and smileys. But that's just because I'm a freaking happy bastard :D
Ok, that wasn't really necessary but again, who cares :)

Okidook. I've already got 3 marks back from the test week and so far they are great! I've got a 9.4 for biology, which I'm not even going to choose next year! Next great mark was a 9 for physics. YES PHYSICS! I totally hate physics! I didn't get any of it while learning for the test, but appearently I did, cause well, look at my mark! HOLY MOLY! :) That's a very strange word my lovely friend Hanna and I use a lot, just like oh DARN! I've got no idea what it means, but it just sounds so great! :)

But we were talking about my marks. I always have that, don't you? When I'm talking about something, then suddenly something else comes into my minds and I start talking about that, which is pretty annoying actually. But, yes, my marks: Hanna and I both hate physics and chemistry so luckely for us, we are NOT going to choose it next year. Which isn't so strange is it? Well, for me it actually is because I'm still pretty good at both of them. But the test from physics went well, (appearently) but my chemistry test however, went really REALLY bad. So I expect not higher than a 3. :)
But I don't care. Together with hanna, I made a deal. Tomorrow we are going to burn our chemistry and physics notebooks and other papers we don't have to hand in back to school. And then we are going to dance in our bikini, if we get a 3 or lower for our test for physics or chemistry. YES, it isn't that warm, but a deal is a deal. But unfortunately we don't know our mark yet since our teachers are acting like sloths (luiaard)  but we are going to do it anyway, since we both have a very bad feeling about chemistry.

Oh shit, again I started talking about something else. My last mark:
A 7.4 for my german oral test! I'm really glad with that since my German teacher really HATES my pronunciation! And with that, I still stand a 7.5 for German which is still an 8 rounded of on my raport.
Really happy with that! The rest of my tests went ok, some went great, like math, but some were a dissapointment like history. But I'll find out as soon as I've got my marks!

Okidook, I've already typed a lot and I haven't even started with what I actually WANTED to tell you... :S
This night I'm going out for dinner together with my mother and sister to celebrate my sister's graduation and the end of my test week. Love it!
And tomorrow, I'm going together with hanna, to a 'rattery' where I'm going to get my rats from this summer, and we are going on 'kraamvisite'! I findally get to see my two weeks old rats and I know for sure, they are going to be sooooooo cute! Can't wait! And I promise to take some pictures to show you.

I think I've typed enough for today, I'll going on with it later, but I can't promise you I'll do it this week because this week is really full!

Today: finish this, go to my work at the Albert Heijn and after that, have dinner outside with my mom and sister.
Tomorrow: with hanna to rattery and burn our chemistry and physics notebook and dance in our bikini.
Thursday: go to the Efteling together with my lovely friend Marieke and sleep over.
Friday: At school we have our "inzaguurtje" in which we can see our tests and marks. After that I go to my friend Rian to practise to set up our camping tent and prepare our little holiday. And in the evening I've got a birthday party of Claudia.
Saturday morning: I leave together with Rian on our little holiday. We are going by bike, every day somewhere else and stay at a camping. We come back at wednesday (if everything goes well :S )

So, busy busy busy!
I hope you all have a tremendous time too! Let me know!

Much love,

Some pictures to make you :)

I really want to do that someday! :)

The upper animal is a sloth, so you know, they are reaaaally slow :)
They are adorable anyway!