zondag 1 juli 2012

Greece here I come!

Hellooooeuuuu :)

Tomorrow is findally the day, I'm going on holiday! I'm really looking forward to it. Hot wetter, sunbathing, swimming, relaxing, reading Harry Potter, eat (since it's an all-inclusive hotel ! ) and a lot of other great things!
I'm going together with my mother because my sister went to Thailand yesterday. Yes, THAILAND! OMG I'm so freaking jealous! Last year I went to Malaysia, which isn't that bad too of course, it's almost the same. But because it was so great last year, i'm really jealous my sister can go to Thailand this year. She is going to do volunteer work at an elephant resort. Elephants that had to work all their lives for tourists can spend there last years there to enjoy and relax. One other week she is going to a city, which I forgot the name from, to have a 'get to know Thailand' trip. And another week she is going to travel through the jungle and survive there. They (my sister together with some others and a guide) are going to sleep in tents, so really survive! And the last week she is going to sleep in temples and see how everything is going there. All weeks must be really exciting! She was really nervous but excited too, she saved a lot of money to do this. Of course such a wonderful trip is very expensive!
But back to my holiday... now it really sounds boring but i'm going to Greece, to an island called Corfu. Somebody heared from it before? I've already been there once and it was great!
While we are gone my grandparents are going to stay at our place. So if you're a burglar and you read this, pour you, our home is not the right place to break in and steel stuff. WHIHIHIHIH >:)

Okidook. Another thing, the day after I come back from Greece (I come back in two weeks, on Monday) so Thuesday, I FINDALLY get my rats! I'm reaaaaaaally looking forward to it. I started preparing everything like months ago already, and now findally it is going to happen!
It are two girls, one i'm going to name Toffy and the other one Trijntje. What do you think? I love the names, but be honest with me please!
Here some pictures of all the rats together, still very small and REALLY adorable. Two weeks ago I went together with my friend Hanna and they were just two weeks old, so really small and still very sleepy. And today I went there on my own. They were still very small and cute, but now they were very hyperactive and really loved to play with my fingers haha!

Here are some pics!

This are all the girls, and different colours, I get the lightest one and the middle one. (from colour)

two weeks old :')

                                                      4 Weeks old (from today!)

This is the grandmother, how big they are going to be later.

Enjoy your summer and see you in two weeks!


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