donderdag 10 mei 2012

I feel so ashamed!

Hello dear readers.

First of all: I am sorry! Omg I feel so ashamed I didn't post for about, well 3 weeks or something?! It is terrible, yes but I just wasn't in the mood! But now I am! And this is going to be a totally RANDOM post. I'm just going to post a few pictures and tell you about some lovely things I've been doing ever since.
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Well, first of all I want to tell you about some lovely things I've been doing in the holiday! I was so busy with school, well, it is a holiday but still we had about 5 tests the week after, two assigments to hand in and a book to read! Those sick teachers apparantly don't want us to have a life. But still, I had a wonderful holiday!
It started with the 'partyhardy' party of my lovely friends Hanna and Milena! It was a superduper party! I really enjoyed it and we all had a great time. They baked delicious muffins with chocolate, we watched a movie and we were totally crazy, as we always are!

I also had a wonderful time at the 'koninginnenmarkt'! It was really crowded but I loved it because the weather was so lovely! I bought a beautiful ring, an owl and a pair of slippers.

Great isn't it?

That evening I went to my sweet friend Marieke and we sure did have a great time! Because the weather was so nice, we asked her father if we could barbeque. He said it was alright! So there we went, to the Albert Heijn and we bought the most delicious things. Her brother prepared the bbq and it was great. Here are some nice pictures of Marieke and me.

*WARNING*: If you don´t like strange picture, you better don't watch. Some might scare the little children.

Ok, that wasn't so bad, was it?

Well, this is how the table looked before dinner. Don't you just get hungry when you see this? :)

Jummieeeee :)

On friday, the day before the party of Hanna and Milena, I slept at my friend's house. We had a great time together. The next day, (saturday for the people who don't know what follows friday) we went to the city and I bought these AMAZING shoes! I just love them. No wait, I ADORE them!

They are great, aren't they? I'd love to hear what you think!

On tuesday my best friend Demi came over at my place. We had a sleeping party, just for the two of us! Haha, but still we had a wonderful time. It is a pity I don't see her very often anymore because we are on a different school, so I loved to catch up with her. We chatted al evening! The next morning we made some nice pictures, here is one of them.

My best!

Well, I think this will do it for today. I just want to share two more pictures with you. It thought it was so funny! I love this little guy beneath!  I laughed so hard my stomach hurted. Also with the cat! Just LOVE him :)

Again, sorry for not posting for so long! I hope you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment, I'd love to hear what you think about my ring, my shoes and about ME :)

much love!

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  1. hahaha die met dora is echt leuk (: en die ene van kony haha oke die ga ik hier maar niet zeggen, might be a little offensive haha.

  2. dat was zeker een lief meisje (:
    liefs! ♥

  3. hee flapdrol,
    ja volgende keer ga je zeker mee en dat wordt zo leuk (: