zondag 15 april 2012


Hi dear readers!

Yesterday I went to the city with my friend Marieke!
I bought many things and now I feel bad. But also good, because I've got new nice things!
We went to the city at 2 o'clock. We wanted to eat in the city, but around 6 o'clock we still didn't feel hungry, so we went to Marieke's home and ate there together with her family.
The girlfriend of her brother had made a beautiful pie and as dessert we ate it. It was really nice but I was so full I couldn't eat it completely!
Next thing we went to my home and prepared our 2-persons bed (which sleeps great!) and we watched a film. Omg we're awesome because we watched Ratatouille!
We especially liked it because it is about rats, and I'm going to buy two rats in October. I love them! They are so incredibly adorable. They sit on your shoulder and you can play with them, I just love it!

My friend Joy has two rats, and friday Joy and I went to her home and played with them. We also baked a delicious apple pie. But unfortunately we ran out of time because I had to go home. So actually the pie wasn't great because it was half-baked. That's a pity!
But we really had fun together!

I had to wait for the bus way too long, and it was also raining so I was totally wet and cranky when I came home. I came home at 18:50 and had to leave at 19:15 with the bus again because I would go to the cinema with a friend!
So I had to eat so fast, I felt sick. I ran to the bus and I was just on time!
I had a great time that evening. We saw the movie Titanic 3D. It was great! Although, you couldn't see REALLY much 3D, like in the Panda droom in the Efteling, it was still really great because the screen is so big, and the sound so loud!
I loved it. And we LOVED Leonardo DiCaprio! He is so cute :)

That was friday, and saturday I went to the city with Marieke, as I already said.

Here are some pictures of the things I bought. :) Tell me if you like it or not ! :)

I bought the lovely shirt at the market. It was only 10,- euros! I love it!
I got the fantasy panty from the sweetest Marieke! :)

Here is the shirt.

I bought this shirt/dress at the Only, only for 15,- I was and I am totally in love with it!

This little shirt I bought at the V&D only for 3,- There also was one in mint green. This one I didn't take with me to the fitting room, but only the green one, and a white one. It was so funny because I asked Marieke, which one? She said: the green one, the green one, the green one! Then we walked back, and I said, but the pink one is also nice. Then Marieke said: oh wait, that one is nicer. :) Haha, so I bought this one!

These two shirts I bought at the H&M, each for 5,-

So what do you think?
Did you do something nice this weekend, or are you still going to do?

much love!

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