vrijdag 6 april 2012

I'm gonna marry him !

Hi, this is my second post.
Well, because he is so important to me, I want to show you some pictures of my cat!
I love him so much, he really is my buddy! Always when I'm sad (don't worry, I'm not sad very often) he is the one who makes me smile again.
Always when I come home from school, or from another place, I walk to our carpet (he follows me, knowing what's coming :) ) I lay down and he lays next to me. He purrs so loud, just a motorcycle! He rolls over, asking for attention. So cute!

He is really big, everybody says that. Probably when he stretches out completely he will reach around a meter!

And just look at this one! Don't you think this is the most adorable cat in the world?!

prrrrrrr....... :)

I think it is good that you know my cat. Because if you know me, you know my cat! :D

Love! xx

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