vrijdag 6 april 2012

First post

Hi there!
This is my first post, I'm totally new to this so be nice :)
Oh and by the way, I love smileys so you will be seeing them around a lot! LOL :)
Oh and one more thing, I'm crazy whihihihihiiii :D
Ok, today I made this blog together with my friend Hanna! We baked a beautiful cake together, which tastes delicious, HELL YEAAH!
We are totally crazy together and great cake bakers.
Together we went to the JUMBO and bought 2 packs of straciatella cake mix. We made one become a real cake, but the other one we just ate the dough! :) Jummiee ;$
Well, this was my first post, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you won't bother my absolute crazyness too much (:

Here are some pictures together with the sweetest Hanna!

Much love!

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