zondag 8 april 2012


Hi everybody!

I had so much fun today! I went to my family, we had lunch there. It was really delicious, there were eggs of course and all kinds of sandwiches and one thing was really delicious: puff pastry (bladerdeeg) filled with brie and honey. It was totally jummy!
And I finally saw my cute nephew again today! And of course I made some pictures.

I hadn't seen him in a while and he has really grown! He has incredibly beautiful light blue eyes, blond hair and he's just adorable.
I played with him inside, in the beginning he was really scared and looked at me like: 'who the hell are you' but later he was totally relaxed and really enjoyed playing with me. We also went outside and played with his soft little ball and on the end of the day we also went to a little playground. He LOVED the slide!
It was so cute!
But unfortunately I don't see my aunt and uncle really often so it will probably take a while when I will see him again :(
But here are some cute pictures:

Omg just look at those eyes ;$ I'm in love...

He hold my hand so tight, it was really cute!

                                                            He loved the slide haha

Did you do anything special today? Or are you going to? Let me know, I'd love to hear.

Much love,

7 opmerkingen:

  1. dankje voor je lieve reactie, en vrolijk pasen! :)
    ook wens ik je veel succes met je blog.
    ik volg je! x

  2. likeeee your blog lovely,
    keep posting and go for it!!! :)


  3. wat een lief neefje zeg! aah! en al 9 volgers! go ellen, go ellen, HELL YEAH (:

  4. love him!!

    I also love you :D